why you need camDown

Why You Need camDown camDown is a software tool that helps protect the personal privacy of people like you by temporarily disabling your webcam. A webcam allows you to have face-to-face online communications using your computer. Today, most laptops come with integrated cameras, known as […]

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Guns galore | Lead Stories – Jamaica Gleaner

Even as the hierarchy of Jamaica’s police force has cited mounting gun seizures at the Stadium East field in St Andrew as evidence of incremental gains, security chiefs consulted with Cabinet on a response to an avalanche of murders. Killings have surged more than 19 per cent in…

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Letter from Robert Livingston: Giving guns to young people – Kenosha News

Regarding last week's headline "Lower concealed-carry age?": I draw upon 60 years handling firearms — with 23 years combined military duty in the Marines and as an Army soldier, in both wartime and peace. And, in my opinion, GOP state Rep. Shae Sortwell's assertion that young people of…

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Colleyville intensifies the debate on guns in synagogues – Forward

The four hostages held inside Congregation Beth Israel for 11 hours had furniture. Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who ultimately threw a chair at the gunman and sprinted out a door, wished that one of his congregants had a more potent weapon. “I would have hoped that one of the…

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Unified Libya will come only via ballot box, ‘not the gun’, Security Council hears – Devdiscourse


Libya is at a “delicate and fragile juncture in its path to unity and stability”, the UN Political Affairs chief told the Security Council on Monday, urging the international community to remain united in supporting national elections postponed last month. In welcoming positive developments across three different tracks…

Unified Libya will come only via ballot box, ‘not the gun’, Security Council hears – UN News


In welcoming positive developments across three different tracks of intra-Libyan dialogue, Rosemary A. DiCarlo, Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, also recognized the challenges that must be overcome.   “So many Libyans have told us, the way towards a stable and united Libya is through the ballot box, not the gun”, she said. “We must stand with…