Month: January 2021

NRA laid the groundwork for deadly Capitol riot for years, advocates say – Salon


The deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6 brought together a wide variety of right-wing militia groups and fringe conspiracy theorists, officially united by former President Donald Trump’s false narrative that the 2020 election had been stolen. But the ideology that connected these groups in the first place was cultivated for decades by the…

Review: Cylinder & Slide Services Custom Ruger Super Redhawk | An Official Journal Of The NRA – American Rifleman


Bill Laughridge founded Cylinder & Slide (C&S) in 1978. An avid shooting sports enthusiast himself, his illustrious career began with working for various gun shops making repairs and building up race guns for local IPSC club members. Working out of a tent during an early Second Chance shooting…

Connecticut: Handful of Gun Bills Introduced in the General Assembly – NRA ILA


Since the start of the 2021 Legislative Session, the Connecticut General Assembly has seen the introduction of multiple firearm-related bill proposals.  A few of those measures have been outlined below. Pro-gun Legislation:HB 5077 – An Act Limiting Orders Related to Firearms and Ammunition During a Civil Preparedness or Public Health Emergency…