Lego Superfan Shocks with Shot-for-Shot Remake of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Trailer –


Everyone works through life's struggles in their own way. "Top Gun" fan Augustus Danko, who posts videos online as OnBeatMan, has spent the last several months painstakingly recreating the "Top Gun: Maverick" video with Lego bricks.

To be clear, that's a shot-for-shot complete recreation of the official trailer and not just a series of still images stitched together Ken Burns-style, even though that would be ridiculously impressive all by itself.

Don't believe us? Check it out.

Fortunately, OnBeatMan enlisted other Lego and "Top Gun" enthusiasts to help with the project. The final product shows just how impressive animation technology has become because the results compare favorably to the big-budget Lego animated movies that studios have been releasing over the past few years.

Know who else is impressed? Paramount Pictures, the studio that spent all the money to make "Top Gun: Maverick" and has courageously held out for a full theatrical release while other studios have dumped major titles to home streaming.

Check out Paramount's response on Twitter:

"Top Gun: Maverick" is currently scheduled for a July 2, 2021, theatrical release. That date is beginning to look better than it did a couple of weeks ago as the COVID-19 vaccination program seems like it's finally beginning to gain traction.

Also, if you're not convinced about the "shot-for-shot" part, OnBeatMan uploaded a split-screen video that shows just how close the Lego version is to the real thing.

We're now four months away from the planned "Maverick" blastoff, the closest we've been since the original release date was scuttled just over a year ago. Things may finally be looking up.

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