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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Quick Response Firearms is located on Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls. The basis for the company was born from the owner’s love for the field.

“I’ve always liked guns,” said owner Daniel Corsini. “When I was 18, I joined the military and I worked a lot around guns there.”

Corsini started this business out of a garage as a hobby before finding success as an internet business. He has now been in his current storefront for just over four months.

During even that short period, however, Corsini’s business was impacted by the high demand for guns and ammunition being seen nationwide.

“Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort to get guns and ammo in stock,” said Corsini.

While gun owners of all types, including first-time gun owners, visit his shop, Corsini said most people who buy are shopping for home defense purposes.

“Home defense has probably been the most popular we’ve seen sell,” said Corsini. “A lot of people are going for shotguns or pistols for defense purposes.”

Gun safety is also important to Corsini, who enjoys speaking with customers about guns and how to stay safe. This, from a company that is family and veteran-owned, and view themselves as not simply a business, but rather a member of the community.

“We want people to make sure they know we want them to be here and we’re happy that they’re coming in, even if it’s just to hang out and not buy anything,” said Corsini.

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