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Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy hoists the Stanley Cup after the team's victory in Tampa on July 7.

Lightning victory unspoiled by politics

I was still smiling a week after the Tampa Bay Lightning’s championship victory July 7. An era of fun, sportsmanship and politics-free entertainment had returned to our lives.

Unlike the NFL, allowing players to take a knee during the national anthem, Major League Baseball stealing the All-Star Game from Atlanta over a new voting law and the NBA/BLM with its radical politics, hockey was sports.

Just sports! Two teams representing two countries, with two national anthems played before each contest. No problem.

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The series ended with the players lining up to honor each other’s effort and the winning team being congratulated.

No politics! How refreshing!

Robert W. Jolly, Sarasota

DeSantis supports democracy – in Cuba

So, let's understand this: Gov. Ron DeSantis wants members of the Cuban military to bring democracy to Cuba.  When they are done, they can come to Florida to restore voting rights to former felons, as approved by the voters, and remove the voting restrictions the guv just signed into law. 

Meanwhile, DeSantis sent his militia to the Texas border to stop those migrants at a time when many entry level jobs are unfilled. McCurdy's, you have to sign up this comedian. 

On a more serious note, Florida's weekly COVID cases have soared from about 10,000 to over 45,000 in a month, accounting for 20% of the country's total. 

Come on, Ron, can't your donors/developers organize more vaccine clinics?

Jack Shapiro, Sarasota

Floridians pay for governor’s COVID policy

A recent letter praised Gov. Ron DeSantis for not shutting down Florida, as other governors did, to stem the spread of COVID-19. He also didn't plead with Floridians to get vaccinated, blindly following his hero – you know, Donald Trump, the twice-impeached, one-term president.

Well, thanks to our wonderful governor, Florida now accounts for 20 percent of all new COVID infections. Thank-you, governor. 

DeSantis boasts that we have a great economy because of his actions during the pandemic, but at the cost of many empty seats at our dinner tables, where our loved ones once sat.

Joseph A. Del Bonis, Rotonda West

Trump could be resurrected as dictator

History tells us that anyone wanting to become a dictator – from Napoleon to Hitler and many others – needs three things.

First, they have the support of a sizable number of citizens and government officials. Second, they are able to discredit the media. Most important is they are able to get the military under their command. 

Our former president won the support of 74 million voters in 2020.

Secondly, he created low regard for the media by repeatedly calling it “fake news.”

Most alarming is the fact that he served as commander in chief. He brought in generals and fired many Pentagon officials, Cabinet members and officers who opposed him.

History repeats itself when enough of the public and government officials allow an autocrat to seize power. When citizens and the media fail to speak the truth, they fail their country.

Donald Trump could run again and succeed. That would make our democracy an historic tragedy. 

Jerold Ross Sr., Sarasota

Warning about the harm of Biden presidency

Hardly a day goes by without President Joe Biden saying or doing something that is detrimental to the well-being of the United States.

I planned to write to you of my thoughts while trying not to offend anyone, but then I thought of how many people, including nearly all of the media, relished saying the most negative, disrespectful and disgusting things about Donald J. Trump, the 45th president of the United States.

So, I decided to cut to the chase and just say that the Democratic Party, from the top down, is riddled with ignorant, anti-American ideology. I felt it was necessary to write soon, before Biden cancels the First Amendment, and the Second.

Daniel Johnson, Sarasota

Vote for candidates who back gun control

Once again, our citizens have been negatively affected by the uncontrolled use of guns, this time at our national pastime, baseball.

A ballgame in Washington, D.C., was called off Saturday night after frightened spectators and players fled due to gunfire outside Nationals Park.

That, in addition to innocent children being killed, our government itself threatened on Jan. 6 and daily reports of shootings nationwide. Congress refuses to act. 

So, the only solution to stop this must be that we the voters must not vote for any candidate who does not openly support gun control!

Phyllis Prager, Sarasota

Get vaccinated to protect young children

Children under 12 can't get vaccinated yet. So, if we want to help them avoid COVID-19, is there anything we can do?

Yes, there is. Reduce the spread by getting yourself vaccinated. Do it for the children.

Linda Kitch, Sarasota

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