Several events happening in Escanaba this weekend –


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ESCANABA, Mich. (WLUC) - Motorcycle enthusiasts are connecting and celebrating their love of riding at the 2021 HOG Rally in Escanaba. People are coming from as far as Texas and Florida to partake in the events this weekend.

“You’re going to get anywhere from a few hundred riders that are going to go out and see all points of the U.P. My family is from Texas, they’re up, if we go on some of those rides, they’re going to see places that we might not otherwise go,” said Jeff Korpi, attending the HOG Rally.

But that’s not all that’s going on this weekend. Natasha Schuette is just one of the vendors at the Crafty Flea Market. She recently started selling freeze dried and baked goods in the Escanaba area.

“We have all sorts of candy like Jolly ranchers, ice cream sandwiches, soft water taffy, caramels and then we also have fruit,” said Schuette.

The Crafty Flea Market is inside the Ruth Butler Building on the U.P. State Fairgrounds and admission is free. You can find things like paper towel holders, jewelry and hand-made bird houses.

“You can get everything here in One stop this weekend which I think is really fun,” said Schuette.

Just down the road inside the new Chamber of Commerce building is a gun and knife show. The Marble Museum and newly opened U.P. Military Museum will also be open to the public.

“Stop in, it’s free admission to the museum complex and a $5 admission fee to the gun and knife show,” said Dennis Moberg, a board member for the museum complex.

The admission fee for the gun and knife show will help offset the costs of maintaining the facility. There are 50 vendors with about 65 tables of guns, knives, antiques and other outdoor items.

“We encourage people to stop down and for all you guys on the road out there on the two wheelers, be safe,” said Moberg.

The Crafty Flea Market and the car show are on the U.P. State Fairgrounds from 10 in the morning until five in the afternoon. The gun and knife show is at the Delta County Chamber of Commerce from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon.

HOG Rally skill challenges begin at nine in the morning on the fairgrounds and continue until noon.

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