This Olympic Shooter Has a Right to Bear Gummy Bears – The Wall Street Journal


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TOKYO—Mary Tucker’s sweet tooth is insatiable. She devours gummy bears by the fistful. She inhales Pop Tarts. She fondly recalls her Rice Krispies Treat days. 

She doesn’t stop indulging even when everyone else in the sport that has made her an Olympian swears off the stuff. 

“I do eat quite a bit of sugar right before I shoot,” she says. 

Tucker is a 20-year-old American who has become one of the fastest rising stars in rifle shooting while breaking one of the sport’s biggest taboos. She hypes herself up on candy exactly when she’s not supposed to. 

It isn’t especially difficult to understand why shooters abstain from caffeine and sugar when they compete. They’re vices that can make people jittery. That’s a potential disaster for people who need to handle a gun with pinpoint precision.  

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