Montrealers march for peace following gun violence in Little Burgundy – The Suburban Newspaper


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Last Tuesday night, Montrealers participated in a peaceful march in Little Burgundy to urge an end to gun violence in the Sud-Ouest borough. 

Michael Farkas of Prévention Sud-Ouest was involved in organizing the march. There is a concern of a rise of gang presence in the Sud-Ouest community, and one of the goals of the march was to bring people together. 

The march was sparked after two recent shootings. One happened last Sunday, and involved a 22-year-old woman being the victim of gunfire as she sat in her car. The other incident was on July 3, when the body of Suman Mohammed Sayum was found in a car in the parking lot of an apartment building near Canning and Workman Streets. 

Following the recent gun violence in Little Burgundy, Montreal police have increased its presence in the area. 

"We can't bring peace alone. We need citizens to work with the police force to make sure our investigations progress," said Jean-Marc Schanzenbach, police chief of Station 15. 

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