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Biden methodically fixing Trump’s mess

After reading Art Pagano’s July 29 letter (“Are you better off under Biden so far?”), I am dumbfounded.

There are many complications yet to be dealt with and I would describe the progress made in the first six months to be methodical.

There is a difference that I truly appreciate in that our highest-ranking generals in the military forces have not had to make contingency plans for a temper tantrum leading to insurrection or world destruction.

It amazes me that so many cling to the image of a tall, blond-haired, White man with no moral compass whose only claim to fame is a two word phrase “You’re fired.” Sometimes things need to be fixed, not destroyed.

Calvin Moore


Minimum sentences not answer to guns

I write in response to your July 28 article (“Councilwoman wants stiffer gun sentences”) noting that Councilwoman Karen Zalewski-Wildzunas was seeking endorsement for a plan to increase minimum sentencing for firearms charges.

While I laud Ms. Zalewski-Wildzunas for seeking a way to bring the problem of gun violence under control, there’s little evidence that longer prison sentences act as a deterrent.

Do robbers with guns really ponder sentencing guidelines before they act? The United States already has the world’s highest per capita incarceration rate; nearly 10 times that of Germany and many other nations in Europe. This comes at an enormous financial cost. In 2015, it was reported that New York spent $69,335 annually per inmate. This is funded by the taxpayer and limits public investment in education, infrastructure, healthcare and other programs.

We must acknowledge that the real problem is the easy availability of firearms.

In the United Kingdom, possession of firearms is strictly regulated, and a landmark study published 20 years ago concluded that while New York City and London had similar rates of property crime and assault, those occurring in New York City were 54 times more likely to be deadly. Quite simply, an assailant with a gun is far more dangerous than one brandishing a tire iron.

I would be the first to agree that meaningful gun reform will not be easy, but I think we need to be cautious about what can really be achieved by increasing minimum sentencing, as the legacy of the Rockefeller Era Drug Laws should remind us.

Kevin Decker


Biden accomplishes a lot of negatives

This is a list of accomplishments of Biden: inflation up, illegal immigration up (open borders), overspending, First Amendment, Second Amendment, socialism, crime, riots, murder – all up, defunding police, double standards, causing racism, teaching critical race theory, drugs up because of open border, taxes up, pipeline shut down causing gas to go up, solar fields, antifa, Marxism, paid to stay unemployed.

This is the short list. There are many more things. How do you like Biden now?

Charles C. Browne


Stefanik inspires the women of GOP

It is a really exciting time to be a woman in the GOP, largely thanks to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who has paved the way for women to get involved with politics and run for Congress.

Stefanik launched E-PAC after the midterm elections in 2018 in order to boost Republican women in Congress. Her committee promoted more than two dozen candidates and donated $415,000 to women in the GOP. As the third highest-ranking Republican leader in the House, Stefanik is leading the fight to fire Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who have done nothing but waste taxpayer money and divide this nation. Pelosi should be investigated for not securing the Capitol on Jan. 6 and Stefanik continues to press for needed answers that all taxpayers deserve.

We need leadership like this in New York’s 21st district. Stefanik is a natural leader and has largely contributed to the record number of Republican women running for Congress in 2022. I look forward to seeing many more Republican women in office and will continue to support Congresswoman Stefanik.

Meg Messitt


Protect fliers from unruly passengers

I see on the TV the unruly behavior of some passengers in the plane which is annoying to other passengers. I wonder how much alcohol consumption is contributing to this.

It’s safe to serve one or two drinks, but not more than that.

It is inconvenient to the FAA to change routes and land in a different city. Prevention is better than cure. Other passengers are to be protected, also the pilots.

Mercy Premsagar, MD


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