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The letter signed by 37 Washington county sheriffs as mentioned in an editorial in The Columbian is chilling (“In Our View: Sheriffs’ letter raises concerns about intent,” The Columbian, Aug. 2). They vow to obey their version of our Constitution, which is based on their religious views and is therefore the antithesis of the intent and wording of the Constitution.

They also appear to support the gun lobby’s view of the Second Amendment. The gun lobby in the USA has successfully created a common belief that our Second Amendment applies to individuals rather than a “well-regulated Militia.”

In 1991, former Chief Justice Warren Burger — a conservative Republican, gun owner, hunter and strict judicial constructionist — said the concept of a constitutionally protected individual right to bear arms was “one of the biggest pieces of fraud — and I repeat the word fraud — on the American public by a special interest group that I have seen in my lifetime.”

Every industrial democracy has an armed citizenry because their citizens are free to purchase arms for sport and self-protection. But every other industrial democracy follows the reality of the USA’s Second Amendment, and restricts military weapons to their well-regulated militias. Following the gun lobby’s lead, the sheriffs do not include the statement in the Second Amendment that restricts it to “a well-regulated Militia” and so foster the individual-right myth.

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