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From Heckler & Koch (H&K) comes its SP5 chambered for 9 mm Luger, a semi-automatic pistol version of the MP5 submachine gun. As many know, the MP5 has long been hailed as a golden standard for the modern submachine gun. Now H&K offers its SP5, a semi-automatic variant of the acclaimed MP5.

black metal gun receiver stamping letters numbers parts steel machine

The H&K SP5 is made from a stamped sheet metal receiver with a polymer trigger group and furniture. All of the SP5’s controls mimic the select-fire MP5N version contracted by the U.S. Navy, including the ambidextrous safety selectors, magazine release and charging handle just above the barrel. Slap the handle from its nested, open position to release the bolt to chamber a round and make ready to fire; the SP5 fires from a closed bolt.

metal plastic gun parts pistol sights assembly

At the muzzle is a three-lug suppressor mounting interface for attaching compatible 9 mm suppressors. Being a pistol, the SP5 comes with a polymer back-plate in place of a buttstock. H&K provides iron sights that are a diopter turret design for the rear with a hooded sight post up front. The rear diopter can be twisted to adjust aperture size and the range setting.

black metal plastic gun parts barrel steel handgun pistol

H&K continues its roller-delayed blowback action with the SP5 large-format pistol. Our range testers found the recoil to be mild and controllable from the 81.6-oz. pistol, and the charging handle responds just as it should, simply make ready with the authoritative “HK Slap” and enjoy the supplied 30-round magazine.

case bag compartment black enclosure with gun parts pistol handgun magazine tools lock

Watch our NRA Gun of the Week video to learn more about the Heckler & Koch SP5 pistol.

H&K SP5 Specifications

Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch GmbH (Germany)

Action Type: delayed-blowback, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol

Chambering: 9 mm Luger

Receiver: stamped steel; black enamel over phosphate finish

Barrel: 8.66" cold-hammer-forged steel

Sights: fixed post front; fully adjustable drum rear

Magazine: 30-round detachable box

Trigger: 7-lb., 15-oz. pull

Overall Length: 17.8"

Height: 8.66"

: 81.6 ozs. (empty)

MSRP: $2,799

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