Colorado Gun Deaths Reach 100 in Record Time: See the Victims Here – Westword


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Gun violence in Colorado has already claimed more than 100 lives in 2021. According to the Gun Memorial website, which offers a space to remember victims in this state and across the country as "Real people, not just statistics," through August 19 at least 103 people were killed by a firearm in Colorado, the most by far for the first eight months of a year since the site's birth in 2015.

And there's no indication the bloodshed will stop anytime soon. Those 103 deaths don't include the thus-far-unidentified person killed in an August 22 shooting at 19th and Blake streets.  Also not yet listed is a man shot to death at a house party in Pueblo on August 21.

In 2018, Westword profiled Gun Memorial, which had been launched three years earlier by Steve Tarzia, a software engineer based in Chicago. Early on, he decided to include information about every gun death in the country, including homicides, tragic accidents and suicide. "The statistics are quite clear that suicides are much more effective — you're much more likely to die — if you have a gun," he said. "Shots to the head are 98 percent fatal, whereas if you try to overdose, there may only be a 5 or 10 percent chance that you'll kill yourself. And suicidal thoughts are often temporary and may be related to events. To get a second chance may often mean the difference between life and death, but there aren't many second chances with guns."

Of course, not every suicide by gun is publicly disclosed. And the Colorado page of the Gun Memorial site underscores the sad reality that most other firearm deaths receive only modest and frequently cursory media attention.

There are obvious exceptions, including the mass shooting at a Boulder King Soopers that claimed ten lives, the death of Arvada Police Officer Gordon Beesley and the slaying of seminary student Shmuel Silverberg. But the press based outside of Colorado paid only passing notice to a May 10 attack at a birthday party in Colorado Springs that killed six people, perhaps because the victims were people of color, like all too many of those whose faces are highlighted on the Colorado portion of the Gun Memorial site.

To put the death count in perspective, here are the number of Colorado victims calculated by Gun Memorial during the same period for each year since its creation:

2015 through August 19: 50

2016 through August 19: 55

2017 through August 19: 85

2018 through August 19: 73

2019 through August 19: 74

2020 through August 19: 89

The names of the 103 Colorado victims through August 19, 2021, are listed below in descending chronological order, along with links to their Gun Memorial pages. There, visitors will be able to connect to (frequently brief) news articles about what happened, light virtual candles in memory of victims and read the comments of friends, family members and loved ones, as well as leave remarks of their own.

Mack James Glover

August 19

Shmuel Silverberg

August 18

Valerie Munoz-Infante

August 16

Darrian Butler

August 11

Gregory Hopkins

August 6

Johnny Quintana

August 4

Julian Richard Evangelista-Short

August 4

Andrewlee Ervin

August 3

Hermilo Garcia-Saucedo

July 31

Sarah Terry Smith

July 30

Elwood Johnson

July 24

Neomi Tafoya

July 24

Tayrn Nicole Meyer

July 24

Aniyus Contreras Mason

July 23

Robert Matthew Froemke

July 19

Dontrè Daizon Timothy "Tre" Williams

July 18

Roque Marquez

July 18

Eric Richard Allen

June 30

Andy Billinger

June 29

Nubia Rodriguez

June 28

Seteria Nicole Black

June 28

Jessica Vernon

June 26

John M. "Johnny" Hurley

June 21

Officer Gordon D. Beesley

June 21

Deborah Ann "Deb" Avery

June 20

Renys Arias

June 20

Gwendolyn Watson

June 17

Duane Edward Manzanares, Jr.

June 13

Antonio Hernandez Posoz

June 8

Gary McLaughlin

May 28

Melissa Ann Wright

May 28

Bernice L. Bright

May 20

Joseph Barela

May 17

Ernesto Apodaca III

May 14

Joana Cruz

May 9

Jose Gutierrez

May 9

Jose Ibarra

May 9

Mayra Ibarra de Perez

May 9

Melvin Perez

May 9

Sandra Cecilia Ibarra

May 9

Carl L. Kern IV

May 7

Josiah John Naol Salas

May 1

Mariceo "Marz" Negrete

May 1

Quatrel Weeden

April 25

Isaac Garcia

April 18

John Arthur Mall

Aprli 17

David Dawson

April 9

Page Pierce Schmidt

April 9

David Lucio Tafoya

April 4

David Lara

April 1

De'Angelo Tafoya

April 1

Juan Antonio "El Tio" Murillo Alvarado

March 28

Denny Vaugn Stong

March 22

Jody A. Waters

March 22

Kevin Daniel Mahoney

March 22

Lynn Murray

March 22

Neven Stanisic

March 22

Officer Eric Huston Talley

March 22

Rikki Lyn Olds

March 22

Suzanne Leslie Fountain

March 22

Teri Lee Leiker

March 22

Tralona Lynn "Lonna" Bartkowiak

March 22

Vincent Brown

March 21

Jeffrey Medina

March 20

David Hill Lovelace

March 11

Lee Michael Fowler

March 8

Jesus Patron Espericueta

March 6

Sarah Larocca

March 2

Margie Crowe

February 27

Roxann Martinez

February 25

Nathan A-Kol Bright

February 22

Tad Trefethen

February 21

Thomas James Rushing

February 21

Jared Augustine Martinez

February 20

Pamela Cabriales

February 20

Tashianna Blake

February 20

Cesar Alberto Rodriguez

February 10

Shumma Agar

February 10

James Anthony Martinez

February 8

Yzeed Sayyaheen

February 6

John Richard Roth

February 5

Christopher Patrick Lopez

February 3

Daniel Dacy

February 3

Dustyn James

February 3

Joseph Viera

February 3

Pheonix Vigil

February 3

Ricardo Medina-Rojas

February 3

Sylvio Anglada

February 3

Ronald Harman

January 31

Brian Connelly

January 30

Lewis Nicholas Garcia

January 27

Geronimo Alvarado

January 26

La'Zic Lavell "Zay" Abraham

January 26

Chase Carter Martinez

January 23

Jameson Martinez

January 23

Paul Baca

January 22

Preston Brown Jr.

January 22

Marcos Bencomo

January 21

Leah Carlene Knowlton

January 20

Imanol Del Valle

January 17

Atlas Roe Grooms

January 13

Suni Marie Grooms

January 13

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