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Some people are just born with a love for gunpowder and a natural inclination to everything that goes boom. For others, owning a gun is a necessity, whether that is for personal safety reasons or professional requirements. The fact that these have become more easily accessible and cheaper to own in the recent past has influenced certain shooting sports and recreational hunting activities. The large-scale adoption of firearms by the masses has also had a big impact on the gun market itself. There are more gun varieties, accessories, and customizing options available than ever before. Even relatively high caliber guns such as assault rifles and sniper rifles that were previously reserved for the military and law enforcement agencies are available in a number of consumer-oriented models and formations.

While this is great for gun lovers, it makes it very difficult for a new gun owner to make a choice. Guns are available from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and when you add on accessories and other gear, the cost quickly escalates. With so many options, it can be hard to choose a single one. Here are a few tips for both new and seasoned buyers to help narrow down the best gun for your requirements.

1.  Purpose

Just like any other highly specialized tool, different kinds of guns are optimized for different tasks. It can be much easier if you can narrow down your needs and then look for a multi-purpose weapon within that category. For instance, if you are looking for a self-defense weapon or for something to help you maintain security in your home, then you might want to look at a shotgun. The modern shotgun can be fitted with a number of accessories and can be modified to suit both short-range and long-range use. So if you are covering a small area, you can get a standalone shotgun, and if you need to cover a slightly longer range, you can easily add on a scope and a muzzle rather than buying a dedicated long-range weapon.

2.  Condition

One of the most important things with firearms is reliability and durability. The last thing you want is to pull out a firearm in times of need only to find that it has jammed. Moreover, faults in the firing mechanism can also have serious consequences for the person using the gun, so you want to make sure the gun is reliable. More than its brand and type, the gun, as the firearm professionals at Primary Arms suggests, should be in great condition, too, as it helps make the gun more reliable. There is no problem with buying a used gun as long as it is in good shape and has a good service history. If you are considering buying a new or a used gun, your priority should be to regularly service the firearm and get it checked from time to time by a professional to ensure that everything is in good condition.

3.  Accessories

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For many people who are getting a firearm, while the weapon itself is important, having the right accessories is also a big part of the purchase. However, accessories can often be very expensive and cost even more than the gun itself. Having the right accessories is not only important for how you can use the gun but also how well you can maintain it and how good your performance is on the field. Simple things like a magazine cover, the right lubricants, and even the right ammo storage solutions make a big difference in times of need. For some weapons, it can be difficult to source accessories, so make sure the weapon you are buying has accessories that are easily available and affordable.

4.  Price

As a general rule of thumb, larger weapons will cost more to buy, service, and maintain, though this is not to say that you can’t get very expensive handguns. While brands do charge very different amounts, the price is often reflected in the workmanship of the weapon. Regardless of what your budget is or the kind of weapon you are looking for, you can find something at every price point.

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If it’s the first time that you are buying a gun, your best option is to stick with something that is tried and tested. If you are buying a weapon for a particular activity then you could choose something that is commonly used for that purpose as that will eliminate the guesswork and make maintenance down the line much easier. It’s always a good idea to visit your local gun store and see what’s available in your area, so you don’t end up buying something that is not permitted in your area or something you will have trouble finding supplies for.

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