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When Hurricane Ida ripped through Louisiana earlier this month, it left an all-too-familiar swath of destruction in its path.  That's when one of the most wonderful things about this state rode up from just beyond the horizon to help those caught in this terrible storm: Tons of people who just want to help!

It seems like good people from all over our country and, most especially, from all around our state were jumping over each other to help folks struggling to put their life together.  One such group is the Louisiana National Guard, and without a doubt - the relief effort would be almost impossible without their help.  They engage in rescue, emergency infrastructure, relief supply, and many more vital operations that literally save countless lives.

Photo by Michael Abbott/Getty Images

Unfortunately, it looks like a bad apple has been found amongst the amazing men an women who are currently dedicating their lives to the mission to save storm-torn Louisiana.  According to the report from WWLTV, Pvt. Justin Edwards (pictured above) was arrested at the Alario Center distribution site near Westwego.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Allegedly, the 22-year-old Kentwood, Louisiana native was practicing "fighting moves" with another soldier when Edwards was reportedly kicked in the genitals.  During a fit of rage, he purportedly pulled out a handgun and pointed at his fellow soldier. Luckily, this altercation occurred after the distribution site was closed to the public.

Photo by Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images

Pvt. Edwards was placed under arrest by Military Police, and was escorted to the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna where he is currently jailed. According to the National Guard spokesman, an internal investigation is being conducted.

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