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WEST POINT, Ky. (WDRB) – A popular Kentucky gun range went out with a bang this weekend, ending an event that drew in people from all over the world for 50 years.

Friday and Saturday was the final machine gun shoot and military gun show at Knob Creek Gun Range. Nearly 25,000 people attended the two-day event.

“We knew we would have a big crowd, we bought extra of everything. We were not ready for the amount of people wanting to come,” said Knob Creek co-owner Chad Sumner.

The bi-annual event gives the local economy a big boost financially when it comes to hotels and nearby campgrounds.

“We have a very small community out here and so with a big event like that, that is big revenue for our locals, for Shepherdsville, Brooks, Radcliff, E'town” said Sumner.

One of the small businesses that felt a boom in customers was Christies Café on Dixie Highway. It’s located just a few miles from the gun range.

Christie's cafe

“They just flood in and it's from open to close — they don't stop," said owner Christi Druin. 

It was all hands on deck all weekend for Druin who made sure she had a full staff saying it was “crazy” with the amount of people who came in from when the doors opened every morning — some coming back more than once a day to eat.

“I hate to see it go. It's a staple in this area and in this community and everyone around here looks forward to it,” said Druin.

Druin said the two weekends of the shoot are easily her busiest of the year – many of the customers have been going to the machine gun shoot for years.

knob creek gun range

But for the Sumner family and those who run the gun range, now was the time for them to sit back and step away from the event — one that got very big very quickly.

“This place consumes us and we need to take time for ourselves and we're going to re-evaluate and we'll see what happens,” Sumner said. “We're proud of what we created and we're glad to go out on a good note.”

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