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In order to kill as many ferocious undead Freakers as possible in the popular action-adventure survival horror game Days Gone, players need to collect the biggest arsenal they can find. Weapons in the game are ordered by tier (2-5) and divided into categories of assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, crossbows, pistols, sawed-off shotguns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, and hand-t0-hand  melee instruments.

Also marked by damage and firing rates, accuracy, cost, stopping power, bullet penetration, and magazine size, the most powerful weapons to use in Days Gone combine all of these qualities to create an ultra-lethal arsenal that's needed to fight the intimidating assortment of bloodthirsty zombies and untrustworthy humans.

10 Chicago Chopper

Deacon points the Chopper at an enemy at night in Days Gone.

The Chicago Chopper is a Tier-4 military-grade submachine gun that can be used in Days Gone to mow down large swaths of undead ghouls during massive attacks. The pricey weapon costs $3,000 to obtain but is well worth it due to its huge ammo clip and extremely fast rate of fire (10/10).

The Chicago Chopper can hold a 55-round magazine, which is the second-largest in the entire game. With great range (9/10) and deadly accuracy (8/10), the SMG is ideal for taking on giant crowds at once. Without it and other higher-powered weaponry, Days Gone has the potential to become one of the most difficult survival video games ever.

9 Nock Volley

Close up of Nock Valley gun in Days Gone.

The Nock Volley is a really fun-to-use Tier-4, $2500 shotgun that proves to be an invaluable weapon in Days Gone. While most shotguns need to be used up close, the Nock Volley boasts a stellar 10/10 range score to go with its punishing 9/10 damage level and a perfect 10/10 accuracy rate. A player can deliver intense gunfire in short order.

Unfortunately, the Nock Volley shotgun only comes with a single magazine clip and a slow fire rate, so players must make the most of their time using the weapon when they unlock it late in the game. If they do, they will be amply rewarded with a weapon that can be devastating to a horde of oncoming Freakers.

8 Eliminator

Deek fires the Eliminator gun in Days Gone.

The Eliminator is an extremely well-rounded sidearm pistol that can be unlocked for $2,500 in the game. The Tier-4 firearm comes with a 9-round magazine which can operate at far range (9/10) with high accuracy (8/10). As such, a player can kill hordes of the undead without being touched.

Unlike many of the bigger and more unwieldy weapons, the Eliminator is ideal to use while on the move, making it far easier to maneuver through vicious throngs of the undead. As such, it's the second-most effective handgun a player can use in the game.

7 Talon 7

Deek wields a Talon 7 gun in Days Gone.

As cutting as it sounds, the Talon 7 is among the three most expensive weapons in Days Gone. Priced at $3,700, the formidable Tier-4 sniper rifle boasts the highest range and accuracy rates (10/10) in the game and has an above-average bullet penetration rate of 6/10. Players can pick enemies off like an Eagle does its prey while wading through some of the spookiest horror game settings imaginable.

As the second-most effective sniper rifle in the game, the Talon 7 is an ideal weapon for taking out harrowing Freakers, Breakers, Teachers, and Ragers at long range. The 15-round magazine clip is by far the highest for any sniper rifle in Days Gone.

6 The Cowboy

Deacon points the Cowboy Shotgun in Days Gone.

When searching for the most affordable of effective weapons in one of the best survival horror games, look no further than the Cowboy. Priced at a paltry $1,000, the Tier-4 Rifle is a great weapon to obtain when strapped for cash.

Aside from its affordability, the Cowboy is ideal to use for its perfect range and accuracy rates (10/10), and above-average stopping power (6/10). Weaknesses come in the form of a smaller magazine, which holds six rounds, and a low bullet penetration rate (3/10). Still, the Cowboy is the second-best rifle a player can use in the game.


Deacon shoots the RPD at zombies in Days Gone.

With an unmatched 65-round magazine, the Tier-4 RPD Light Machine Gun equals the highest rate of fire of any weapon in the game (10/10). At a reasonable cost of $1,500, it's an ideal weapon to add to the arsenal when low on funds.

Moreover, the RPD is best used at far distances due to its high range of fire (9/10) and solid accuracy (7/10). The RPD's only real comparison is the Tier-3 MG45 Light Machine Gun, which is more expensive and comes with a smaller magazine. Hold out and obtain the RPD instead.

4 Liberator

Stat breakdown for the Liberator gun in Days Gone.

The first Tier-5 firearm a player can unlock in Days Gone includes the Liberator, a $3,000 shotgun that delivers huge amounts of damage (9/10) only matched by the Nock Valley. But where the Nock Valley has just a single-round magazine, the Liberator can hold six shells at once.

In addition to the devastating damage it incurs on enemies, the Liberator boasts an impressive 8/10 rate of fire and 9/10 range of fire score, making it far more effective than a typical short-range shotgun. As such, it's the best shotgun to use in Days Gone, which has a similar combat system to some of the most influential horror video games like Resident Evil.

3 Big Game

Deek wields the Big Game rifle in Days Gone.

Priced alongside the expensive Talon 7, the $3,750 Tier-5 Big Game rifle is among the three best weapons to use in Days Gone. The powerful firearm holds a 10-round clip, deals above-average damage (7/10), and comes with a perfect range and accuracy rate (10/10). All told, it's the most effective rifle the game has to offer.

The only real downsides of the Big Game rifle are its slow firing rate (2/10) and lack of stopping power (4/10). Otherwise, it's the ideal weapon to use when absolutely needing to get out of any jam the game throws at a player.


Deacon shoots the PDW gun in Days Gone.

For an inexpensive cost of just $1,250, the Tier-5 PDW sidearm is a silenceable pistol that comes extremely handy when keeping a low profile in the midst of violent carnage. With a robust 20-round magazine, the PDW is defined by the unparalleled penetration of its bullets (10/10). One strike will kill a ghoul on site. Beyond its large clip and deadly penetration rate, the PDW boasts stellar accuracy (9/10) and range (10/10) rates as well, making it by far the most dependable handgun in Days Gone.

1 .50 BFG

Deek holds the .50 BFG gun in Days Gone.

Many Days Gone fans will testify that the .50 BFG Sniper Rifle is the cream of the crop in terms of weapons to use in the game. The $3,000 Tier-5 weapon is the only gun to deliver a perfect 10/10 damage rate.

In fact, the .50 BFG boasts perfect 10/10 scores for range, accuracy, bullet penetration, and stopping power as well. The only weakness the gun has is a middling rate of fire (5/10). Otherwise, the 10-round firearm is leaps and bounds the best weapon to quell a rabid onslaught of murderous monsters.

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