IDF servicemember accused of sexually assaulting soldier at gunpoint – Ynetnews


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The IDF Military Advocate General has indicted a soldier for allegedly sexually assaulting another soldier at gunpoint.

According to the indictment bill, the incident happened last month at a hostel for lone soldiers on a kibbutz in central Israel where the two were living.

The pair were consuming alcohol and at one point, the defendant is said to have told the accuser that he was sexually aroused and asked the accuser to show him around the kibbutz. The defendant took his weapon with him.

When the two arrived at the kibbutz's chicken coops, the defendant turned on a flashlight mounted on the weapon, took off his shirt, and aimed the gun at the accuser while shouting at him "on your knees."

The defendant pointed the gun at the accuser and demanded he pleasure him. The accuser was forced to carry out the act and when he stopped, the defendant grabbed him by the neck, tossed him forcefully aside and demanded that he stay away while making further threats.

The accuser ran away back to the hostel, locked all doors and windows, climbed to the roof and called the police. The defendant tried to enter the building, eventually breaking one of the windows.

The defendant found the accuser hiding behind the boilers on the roof and pointed his gun at him despite the accuser's pleas.

The accuser threatened to jump if the defendant doesn't stop. The defendant urged him to jump while still pointing his gun at the accuser.

Confused neighbors began congregating around the hostel, at which point, the defendant exited the building while wantonly pointing his gun.

In his investigation, the defendant claimed that the gun was not loaded at any point and that he was the one who was attacked by police officers who came to arrest him.

The defendant is charged with offenses of unlawful use of a weapon, threats and sexual assault at gunpoint. He denies any wrongdoing.

The prosecution requested he stay remanded in custody until the end of proceedings.

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