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by: Mye Owens

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Danger in Downtown Nashville has sparked one man to make a change. Randall Stroud has been walking with a purpose. Carrying a cross, he is walking from Home Church on Gallatin Pike all the way to the Capitol.

“I’ve been living in East Nashville for most of my life, and it just seems like we as a society things are getting worse and we keep passing these laws, more restrictions, more restriction, but things keep getting worse,” said Stroud.

It’s a heavy burden Stroud carries proudly. On the cross, names are written of people who have been affected by gun violence, death or simply need prayer.

“This is my friend of mine from middle school, who was actually shot in the head, and didn’t make it,” explained Stroud, pointing to one name on the cross.

This passion for change came after Stroud was shot in the head back in 2020. He was one of the victims of a Downtown shooting where eight people were injured. Stroud remembers a police officer telling him he was lucky to be alive and said it was a “miracle” he was able to walk away.

Last month Metro Police tracked 394 violent crimes, which included homicide, assault, and in some cases, a weapon being drawn all within two miles of the downtown area.

“We’ve got to take direct action ourselves. To me, the worst things get, the more it inspires me to not look away and do something about it,” explained Stroud.

Using the Metro Police Crime-Mapping Tool, the majority of crimes reported are assaults. Stroud explained looking at the constant headlines showing the violence happening downtown.

Stroud plans on continuing to take a walk every Sunday at 1 p.m. He encourages others to walk with him, starting at the Home Church.

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