Lawmaker aims to restore 21-gun salute at Washington’s capitol –


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Since a bill passed to prohibit the open carry of firearms or other weapons on capitol grounds in Olympia, one Washington state lawmaker says they’ve missed the 21-gun salute.

Sen. Chris Gildon (R-Puyallup) is sponsoring a bill to restore the tradition. He said it wasn’t permitted during the 71st Korean War anniversary ceremony earlier this year.

“I was very disappointed that we were not able to honor those who fought in the Korean War with a 21-gun salute this summer,” Gildon said in a news release. “This law is another example of bad policy that was rushed through during the last legislative session and must be fixed when the 2022 session convenes in January.”

The law Gildon is referring to is RCW 9.41.305. It outlines the buildings and open spaces on the campus in Olympia where open carry of firearms is prohibited. Federal, state, and local law enforcement are exempt from the legislation, as well as members of the armed forces of the United States and state of Washington when carrying a firearm or weapon for official discharge.

The law does not apply to concealed carry of firearms by anyone who has a concealed pistol license.

“It was very embarrassing to hold the Korean War anniversary ceremony without a color guard and 21-gun salute to honor the veterans in attendance,” said James Yang, chairman of the Board of the Korean American Association of Tacoma. “I am stunned and saddened by a law that prohibits the possession of decorative rifles used by color guards in ceremonies honoring our military and veterans. I am very pleased to see that Senator Chris Gildon recognizes this issue and is quickly working to amend this law.”

The Veterans Legislative Coalition says it supports Gildon’s legislation as the military rifle salute is among the highest of honors.

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