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Sometimes on a car auction site, something pretty crazy can come up for sale. Whether it be an ultra-rare supercar, a limited edition model, or a highly modified machine that defies all expectations. Car auctions can just throw up these incredible surprises. One of the best outlets for car auctions is Mecum Auctions, which have a big one coming up in January 2022 at Kissimmee. Part of that auction is this 1941 Dodge Power Wagon, which has become a custom build and has the nickname "Full Metal Jacket", and it even comes with some hidden hand gun compartments.

Custom Dodge Power Wagon With Major Mods

Dodge Power Wagon Auction Side View

via Mecum Auctions

The Power Wagon itself has been one of the purest forms of utility or pickup truck for many a year. Its barebone appearance, functional interior and performance meant it soon became a very popular workhorse, akin to having your own tank. Not surprisingly, the military and various other companies started to look at the Power Wagon as a means to get some heavy-duty work done. This particular example has had plenty of modifications done to it, earning it the nickname Full Metal Jacket, and it certainly stands out among the rest of the Power Wagons you can find out there.

Dodge Power Wagon Auction Rear Quarter View

via Mecum Auctions

The truck has been in the Mopar Collectors Guide and Hot Rod and Truckin’ Magazines, while also being a feature vehicle for Prestone and Adam’s Polishes. It is in a contrasting gray and black color scheme that, while not a particularly flamboyant look, does a good job of presenting the truck. A stand-out feature is that this Power Wagon comes with an array of hidden handgun compartments tucked away in the floor panels, which are certainly interesting features for a pickup truck. Pictures on the listing show off these hidden compartments. Custom lights are part of the outside details, with a full LED light bar as well as a full grille guard.

More Metal Jacket Details

Dodge Power Wagon Auction Front Quarter View

via Mecum Auctions

The Power Wagon has a 3.9-liter 4BT Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, also coming with an HX35 turbocharger, which is all paired up with a TH350 automatic transmission. The real backbone of this Power Wagon though is its custom chassis. The chassis has triangulated four-link and 30-inch shocks rolling onto 37.13.5-inch Maxtrek MudTrac tires, which wrap around 20-inch black 10-spoke wheels. There is a Brazilian Hardwood bed that is custom, accented by some hand-brushed nickel. Italian leather upholstery by Premium Hydes is in the interior as well as accurate and clearly visible Dakota Digital gauges. The Power Wagon comes as part of the Jackie & Gary Runyon Collection.

Source: Mecum Auctions

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