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A dedicated Resident Evil cosplayer shows off a giant replica of the rail gun wielded by Jill Valentine in the recent remake of Resident Evil 3.

The 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3 featured a nail-biting finale wherein protagonist Jill Valentine unearthed a gargantuan rail gun. Now, a skilled cosplayer has created his own life-sized version of the legendary weapon, as well as a gender-bent take on Jill herself.

Shared by Reddit user Shawngo_Fett, the gun was created out of EVA foam and PVC pipes and decorated with Plaid FX paints, a paint line specifically designed for cosplay props. It stands tall above the cosplayer holding it, who is wearing the same blue tank top that Jill Valentine sported in Resident Evil 3, along with a face mask bearing the logo of S.T.A.R.S. -- the Special Tactics and Rescue Service that Jill belongs to during the first three games in the long-running survival horror franchise.

Resident Evil 3 life-sized railgun and gender-bent Jill Valentine cosplay 1

Resident Evil 3 life-sized railgun and gender-bent Jill Valentine cosplay 2

"Weighs about 24 lbs and is about 9ft long!" Shawngo_Fett wrote in the description of the rail gun's images. "So it can break down into 3 separate pieces right at the jaw parts so I can kinda cross it in the back of my car."

The huge weapon received copious praise on Reddit, with multiple commentators pointing out that bringing such a giant prop to life while also dressing up as a male version of Jill was an inspired plan. "Everyone starts at nothing and works their way up," Shawngo_Fett wrote, in response to a commentator praising his skill. "Period. My first cosplay project was a crappy health pack from Payday 2 that I bought in a store and then painted on with crappy fabric paint. Then I followed a guide on how to make a Portal gun. But we learn every step of the way and everybody approaches things differently and THAT'S exciting!"

In the remake of Resident Evil 3, the rail gun is abbreviated as the FINGeR -- short for Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun. Designed as an experimental firearm by the US military for use against bioweapons, the rail gun is the most powerful weapon in the game. It replaces the Sword of Paracelsus, a similar rail cannon featured in the original version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, which was released on the Sony Playstation in 1999.

Jill uses the FINGeR in the last moments of Resident Evil 3 to blast apart the final mutation of Nemesis, the unrelenting bioweapon that stalks her throughout the game, endlessly resurrecting and mutating its body with every death. Jill's memorable last quote, as she finally makes the seemingly undying Nemesis explode by shoving the gun into its mouth, is: "Next time...take the fucking hint."

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Source: Reddit

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