Month: December 2021

Czech Military to Adopt New Small Arms Including FN Minimi Machine Guns – The National Interest


In the nineteenth century, what is today the modern Czech Republic became a crucial region for arms production in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The industrial base proved to be of importance during the Second World War after Nazi Germany’s annexation of the territory. During the communist era, Czechoslovakia continued to be a major…

NRA Gun of the Week: Benelli USA M3 Super 90 | An Official Journal Of The NRA – American Rifleman


Benelli USA, the import firm of the Italian-based maker most known for developing and distributing repeatable and reliable semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns, offers unfailing reliability with its M3 Super 90 combat. Chambered for 12 gauge shotshells and tailored for personal protection, Benelli’s M3 Super 90 is a convertible…