Gun firing at Larnaca airport still unclear – Kathimerini Cyprus English Edition


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Many unanswered questions remained after a gun went off at Larnaca International Airport on Tuesday, with reports saying a military rifle was discharged in the hands of an army officer inside a terminal with the bullet being wedged in a wall right above airport seating.

The incident took place Tuesday morning around 9am, with sources telling Knews a single bullet discharged from the gun was wedged in the wall right above airport seats inside the arrival terminal.

No injuries were reported and no lives were at risk as a result of the incident

According to Cyprus News Agency, no injuries were reported and no lives were at risk as a result of the shooting incident. It was also understood that there were no passengers at the exact location at the exact time.

CNA said police were investigating the circumstances under which an army officer’s gun was discharged inside the airport while he was on foot patrol.

Hermes officials declined to comment on the incident citing the ongoing investigation but confirmed the CNA report, telling Knews on Wednesday morning it was “a very serious incident.”

Police also told Knews that the individual with the gun was a member of the National Guard in the Republic of Cyprus. It was understood that military personnel routinely join law enforcement agents in carrying out airport security operations, which remain under police command.

It was not clear whether training issues or a breach in safety protocol had taken place but a gunsmith from police was scheduled to inspect the rifle according to local reports.

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