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Whether playing one of the main Metal Gear Solid games or one of its countless spinoffs, it's always a difficult task finding the best weapons to take out as many enemies as possible. Of course, as the games have advanced since Metal Gear Solid was released in 1998, so too has the upgraded arsenal, with the most recent entry Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain offering brand new weapons to go with the series' signature stock.

From powerful handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, bladed weapons, grenade launchers, and a host of special miscellaneous weapons, these devices help players navigate the treacherous landscapes that Solid Snake and the rest of the cast encounter throughout the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

High-Frequency Blade

A soldier holds a big metal sword in Metal Gear Solid V.

Knives, swords, and other bladed weapons are extremely important for fighting in close stealth mode in the stellar Hideo Kojima video game. While many favor the Close Quarters Combat Knife for everyday use, the High-Frequency Blade channels supernatural power to become an ultra-powerful weapon that can effectively take down an enemy with a few strokes.

Bolstered by a powerful alternating energy current that will slice enemies in half on contact, the iconic weapon is used by Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Essentially a supercharged Kitana, the blunt end of the sword is used for clubbing foes into a daze and ricocheting bullets, while the sharpened side is a highly deadly killing machine.

EZ Gun

EZ Gun POV with the player pointing a gun in Metal Gear Solid

Despite being a nonlethal weapon, the EZ Gun is one of the most unique miscellaneous MGS weapons that defies category. Versatile and extremely useful in the game, the EZ Gun shoots small tranquilizing rounds aided by a sound suppressor and laser scope.

More importantly, the EZ Gun comes with unlimited ammunition and, when used accurately, will award players with a higher score than most lethal firearms in the game. Introduced for use by Fox in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the small and ultra-lightweight gun is easy to wield,  shoots silent rounds, muffles footsteps, and even allows for quicker stamina replenishment. As its name suggests, the EZ Gun makes the games much easier to conquer.

Zorn-KP Handgun

A Zorn-KP Handgun used on distant targets in Metal Gear Solid V

While large, heavy, and cumbersome grenade launchers have long been a staple of the superb Metal Gear Solid stealth game series, The Phantom Pain has redesigned the ultra-powerful weapon to be far lighter, quicker, and more accurate. Cue the Zorn-KP Handgun, a grenade-launching hand cannon able to fire up to six grenades per clip as fast as a player can pull the trigger.

With upgrades that included a laser scope to increase its already stellar accuracy, the Zorn-KP Handgun can be welded with one hand while running around the battlefield, making for a great weapon at any range.

M61 Vulcan

The M61 Cannon is held by a tattooed man in Metal Gear Solid

In terms of sheer lethal damage dealt, the ultra-powerful M61 Vulcan Gatling-style autocannon is an absolute beast. Introduced in the original MGS game, the gargantuan military-grade cannon uses six barrels to launch huge .20mmm hydraulically-driven, electrically-fired rounds at an unparalleled rate of fire. One blast will liquefy an enemy on site.

First encountered by Big Boss, the Vulcan remains a special miscellaneous weapon that defies categorization. In later franchise entries, the gun has been mounted onto various aircraft to shoot down planes, choppers, and tanks with relative ease. It's a brutal weapon that is best used when a player wants to overwhelm the enemy with sheer power.

Uragan-5 Shotgun

A female solider points an Uragan-5 gun upward in Metal Gear Solid V

Another newfangled variation introduced in The Phantom Pain, the Uragan-5 is technically a handgun that fires mega-powerful shotgun shells. The top-secret weapon made by the U.S. Military was pilfered by Big Boss while being transported, giving the gun an important plotline to go with its overall prowess. Either way, the Uragan-5 is the best shotgun to use in the awesome hack and slash game.

Of course, shotguns have their specific use in battle, dealing the utmost damage at close range in tight combat. The Uragan-5 lives up to this billing, but also has the highest range of any handgun in the game, making it extremely effective at close and far distances. It will concuss or kill a foe depending on its range and accuracy.

Brennan LRS-46 Sniper Rifle

A soldier points a Brennan LRS-46 Sniper Rifle in Metal Gear Solid.

As any serious MGS fan knows, sniper rifles are vital to strategically taking out enemies at far range without being detected. While there are many worthy sniper rifles in the MGS series, the superior anti-material Brennan LRS-46 has the power to downright stop a gunship in its tracks. The stopping power is immense.

Also known as The Show Stopper, the Brennan LRS-46 lives up to its devastating namesake as it boasts infinite range, higher damage than every sniper rifle, and pierces through armor like a hot knife through butter. There's a reason why it costs 940,000 GMP and requires beating level 52 to acquire.


A P90 gun displayed in Metal Gear Solid

Although the MGS series has offered an impressive arsenal of submachine guns over the years, none can outmuscle the deadly and highly accurate bullpup-style SMG known as the P90. Introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, the P90 has remained a mega-powerful mainstay in the series.

The compact and lightweight P90 uses a 50-round detachable box magazine and a straight blowback closed bolt firing action that can pump out a hail of bullets and deliver damage at 200 meters away. As such, the P90 was Solidus Snake's weapon of choice when executing Olga Gurlukovich.

The Patriot

A Patriot gun displayed in Metal Gear Solid 3

Speaking of wicked weapons of choice, The almighty Patriot assault pistol/rifle was the first option for the Boss during The Cold War in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The absolutely brutal carbine assault weapon is essentially a modified version of the XM16E1 model that uses a 100-round drum magazine to completely annihilate enemies.

A staple of every main game in the series since, the Patriot has undergone design changes from an assault pistol to a rifle, making it far more versatile than most assault weapons in the franchise. Moreover, it shoots a tumbling bullet that causes even more damage than a large-caliber sniper round, making it a special one-of-a-kind weapon that's hard to beat.

Solar Gun

A soldier uses a Solar Gun in Metal Gear Solid 4

While there may be more lethal weapons in MGS, true fans of the series know that few firearms are cooler and more diverse than the Solar Gun featured in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. With zero modifications required, the small ultra-lightweight Solar Gun fires small bolts of fire to stun enemies or when fully charged, huge solar energy blasts that will send foes flying across the battlefield with one hit.

Alas, since the gun requires charging via solar energy, it's only accessible during the first portion of MGS4. Still, the Solar Gun has proven to take out Vamp in a single blow, channeling the awesome power of the sun to deal significant damage. All told, it's one of the most powerful video game weapons ever conceived.

Rail Gun

Introduced as a usable gun in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, the Rail Gun is an unparalleled weapon literally designed to launch nuclear warheads. With three distinct levels of charging that increase its overall damage rate, the electromagnetically-induced fire rate is much higher than most weapons. A level-3 charge will allow enough power for the Rail Gun to kill Gekkos on the spot.

While the Rain Gun may be harder to operate than most weapons, it can be used at range as a sniper rifle or in normal combat as an infantry weapon. The diversity, overall power, and massive damage it inflicts on enemies despite the scenario make the Rail Gun hard to top in the MGS franchise.

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