Lebanon: Brother shoots sister dead, is then shot dead by father – Gulf News


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Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A retired Lebanese soldier has shot dead his drug addict son for shooting his sister dead in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, local media reported.

The incident happened when Mohammed Abdul Nasser Ibrahim, the 30-year-old drug addict, shot his 13-year-old sister dead. The retired military father, who was in a state of shock, grabbed his gun and shot his son dead.

The homicides triggered nationwide outrage amid the growing phenomenon of family violence, the uncontrolled  spread of weapons in the hands of a large segment of society, and the scourge of drugs in a country that has been reeling from an extreme economic crisis.

According to media reports, Mohammed, a murderer and victim, was always in trouble with his eight-member family. He was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he shot his sister and killed her on the spot.

The two bodies were taken to Tripoli government hospital amid a heavy security deployment in the area.

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