Virginia: Gov. Northam Wants $27 Million for Anti-Gun Propaganda – NRA ILA


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Today, lame duck Governor Ralph Northam announced that his proposed two-year state budget will include allocating $27.4 million of your taxpayer dollars towards anti-gun propaganda to further attack Second Amendment rights.

The proposal seeks to establish a so-called Center for Firearm Violence Intervention and Prevention at the Department of Criminal Justice Services. It is true that Virginia has a problem with violent criminals, usually repeat offenders, being allowed to roam society and not being held accountable for their actions, but Gov. Northam wants to focus on firearms and not on the criminals who misuse them. His press release even says that the Center will focus on “violence caused by firearms.” If it’s anything like other “research” that anti-gun extremists have pushed over the decades, it will peddle propaganda as science.  

Rather than ask the General Assembly to pass meaningful legislation to get the criminals off the streets and hold them accountable for their actions, Gov. Northam wants this $27.4 million to extend his attack on the Second Amendment past his four years in the Executive Mansion. Fortunately, with his anti-gun majority in the House of Delegates also on its way out, he is not likely to get his wish.

The Virginia General Assembly will start its 2022 legislative session on January 12th. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.

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