Are you a Soft Target? Analyzing why having a gun doesn’t automatically mean you aren’t easy prey –


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Are you a soft target? Why guns don't always work

FOX 26 Reporter Gabby Hart spoke with some experts on why sometimes having a gun doesn't always work for you.

HOUSTON - We continue a series that aims to keep our viewers safe and equipped with the knowledge they need to keep criminals at bay. In part two of our series "Are you a soft target?" we explain why experts say just because you have a gun, doesn’t mean you’re not easy prey to a criminal. 

We pulled in the experts to tell you why having a gun in a high-stress situation won’t do you any good, unless you have a certain set of skills. 

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Law enforcement officials say you can be armed and still be a soft target. Self-defense coaches will say the same.

"Criminals don’t care who you are, they’ll break into a car right in front of the police department," said Houston CCW trainer Lamont Perkins. 

Joseph Pete, Co-owner of Level 6 Krav Maga in Houston, also weighed in. "If you’re a citizen and you’re walking around with a weapon, you need to know how to keep it." 

Pete trains people to defend themselves in any situation, and he says if you are attacked; sometimes having a gun can work against you. 

"The safest place to use my weapon is at a distance," Pete said. 

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He also demonstrated for FOX 26 how easy it is for someone to take a gun from the gun owner. 

Perkins, the owner of GUNNS Training Academy in Houston, is a 20-year Law Enforcement officer and 10-year military veteran. He says everyone should be trained on gun retention because having a gun that you can’t hold onto under pressure is pointless. 

"Things get chaotic, but if you train and practice, it’ll be easy for you to overcome those obstacles," Perkins said. 


Officer George Guererro is a 27-year veteran with Houston PD. He says anyone who carries a firearm thinking they’re ready to stand toe to toe with a violent criminal, should ask themselves these questions.

"Do you train every day with it? Are you going to be ready to shoot when something happens? What happens when you miss the target? What happens if you hit somebody behind that person?" Guerrero said. 

Perkins also noted the liability that comes with carrying a gun and actually using it. "Sometimes they miss the target and I let them know the liability of missing your target, it can be grave." 


Because of that liability, Perkins tells his students that if you wouldn’t do something without a gun, don’t do it just because you have one. Even if you are armed, continue to take the safe and well-lit route home, avoid confrontation with strangers, and if a criminal draws a gun on you, analyze the situation and decide if it’s worth a gunfight. 

"If you can avoid that situation, please avoid it," Perkins said.

The key takeaways for gun owners are to practice your grip and stance on a regular basis and train under different circumstances so that they’re both mentally and physically prepared to defend themselves. 

Next week, we continue this series tackling the question "is your home a soft target?" And what can you do to make sure would-be burglars or robbers think twice before entering your home. 

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