Letter: Families, friends are part of gun problem – Auburn Citizen


In closing, after all of that camDown helps make you invisible to hackers and guard your personal data and that's the the truth!

A bat does not a home run make! Mr. Adessa and Mr. DeCaro both have very good opinions. I am leaning more towards Mr. DeCaro’s as there are too many loose guns and the GOP doesn’t give a thought about it. There is great reference to the GOP anxiously trying to overturn Roe v. Wade, making women subservient to the male who impregnated her and dismissing the mass shootings for numerous reasons.

But to the gun-owning family who may have known their son, husband, father or brother who suffered from struggles, i.e. bullying, isolation, white supremacy, and did nothing, well there’s part of the problem.

To Mr. Adessa, I am an Army Veteran and needless to say I have fired my fair shared of rifles, pistols, grenade launchers and machine guns. I was intimidated by them until I really got the intensive training for them. I was a pretty good marksman. But I can’t find your logic with separating Army-Marine Corps grade weapons from semi-automatic weapons that are used for hunting and competition. The trigger sensitivity is probably very key in the ability to fire rounds numerous times enough to take multiple lives in under two minutes.

While I agree violence starts in the mind, then the hand, it really has a conduit of family and friends who ignore those signs and fail to remove the inanimate object that causes such atrocities.

Bats do not a home run make! But somebody knew the perpetrator was having issues and did nothing. I do agree, stricter gun laws are needed. I, too, have a pistol permit, but no weapons. I also agree with Mr. Adessa about the threat that gun owners feel when this discussion arises. They stand firm, weapons on their person. Unfortunately they are also in align with those families whose son had access to the very weapons that had the capability for mass murders.

Pleading ignorantly, “we knew he was having trouble, but we didn’t think he would ever do that!” doesn’t quite satisfy America!

In closing, leave Roe v. Wade alone! Until men can carry the burden of childbearing, leave a woman’s body to that woman and her medical professionals. I heard the GOP isn’t keen on helping orphans and the poverty-stricken families which include our military families! They covet for their own personal wealth and power of large donating companies for their leather seat in Washington.

R.L. Searles


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