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The Expendables is a passion project series that was designed to pay homage to the great action stars of old. That meant they'd have to have some superior firepower in order to be taken seriously, and there was no shortage in any of the three films. Guns, explosives, and melee weapons are part of what makes the series so great.

The characters wield a wide variety of these weapons, though a specific few have managed to take on an iconic status, all by themselves. These are the weapons that are deadly in the hands of the Expendables team members, all of whom have spent a lifetime in the mercenary business.

Browning M2 (The Expendables 2)

Christmas firing a machine gun on a tank in The Expendables

Classic weapons are no less effective because of their age, even if they can't quite compete with the newest models. The Browning M2, however, is tough to beat, even by today's standards. This .50 caliber machine gun has roots dating back as far as the First World War. Production began with the Browning M1917, before going through several revisions which led to the M2.

The Browning M2 is used in the films as a weapon mounted onto the team's seaplane, which they use during strafing runs to clear the territory of enemies. In the second movie, it's used to great effect in one of the best Expendables action scenes to date.

Throwing Knives (The Expendables)

A board with knives in The Expendables

Lee Christmas may know everything there is to know about weapons, but there are some that he is especially skilled with, particularly knives. His close-quarters combat skills are exceptional, and he can slice and dice with a blade, without being stuck at a disadvantage.

He is also an expert at throwing knives, as well. Even from a considerable distance, his throws always meet their target, which is handy both for silent takedowns, and when the ammo has run dry. Though he's proficient with throwing any type of knife, Christmas utilizes a special kind that is lightweight and shaped for better accuracy.

Heckler & Koch G36C  (The Expendables 2)

Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Expendables

This weapon was made popular via one specific scene featuring the legendary, larger-than-life action star Chuck Norris, when his character Booker meets the Expendables and trades a few jokes. Later, Booker turns for the final shootout wielding the G36C in the airport shootout.

The G36C debuted in 2001 as a more compact version of the 36-series and is characterized by a shorter barrel. It fires 5.56x45mm NATO rounds in either semi or full auto modes and can fire 30 round mags, or 100 round box drums.

Barrett M107 (The Expendables 2)

Billy aiming a sniper rifle in The Expendables

The Barrett M107 is actually based on the M82, a combat rifle designed for the U.S. military. It is nearly identical to another variant of the rifle - the M82A1, though with very minor differences. In the film, the M107 is used by Billy Timmons as a sniper rifle, to act as long-range tactical support for the team.

The weapon fires .50 BMG 12.7x99mm rounds in semi-auto, from a 10 round mag. It's one of the most popular sniper rifles in use today, especially within military circles.

FN MAG M240G (The Expendables 2)

Christmas firing a machine gun from his plane in The Expendables

The FN MAG is a Belgian-born machine gun that has seen used all over the world. It took a lot of design cues from past weapons, such as the MG42, and the Browning automatic rifle, to create a balanced weapon capable of combat. Lee Christmas fires one in The Expendables 2, which is actually the M240G version of the gun.

The gun fires 7.62x51mm NATO rounds in either 100 or 50 round variants, and can either be belt-fed, or side-mounted with ammo bags. During the chase sequence between the team's seaplane and the enemy airboats, Christmas pops out of the front nose of the plane and opens fire.

Smith & Wesson Model 500 (The Expendables 3)

Mel Gibson in The Expendables 3

The character Stonebanks (played by Mel Gibson) required a weapon that was capable of showcasing just what kind of a badass threat he was, and the Smith & Wesson Model 500 was a solid choice. This beefy double-action 5-cylinder shooter fires .500 S&W Magnum rounds, which are devastating on impact.

The bullets themselves weigh 22.7 gr and can fire 1,975 feet per second, with a muzzle energy force equivalent of around 3,000 foot-pounds. Smith & Wesson needed to create the Model 500 to deal with the explosive power of each shot, which their existing gun frames couldn't handle. It has been nicknamed the "Hand Cannon," due to its power.

AA-12 (The Expendables)

Hale Caesar firing a shotgun in The Expendables

Hale Caesar busted out this punishing shotgun in the first Expendables film, and he'd use it several more times throughout the franchise. The weapon fires 12 gauge rounds in full-auto and semi-auto modes, making it an extremely destructive weapon, especially in a firefight against multiple targets.

The gun is one of the most iconic weapons of the Predator franchise, particularly the third film, where it is used by lead character Royce. It can fire via an 8-round magazine or drum-based magazines in 20 or 32 round variants. The latter is best suited for extreme combat situations, in order to minimize reloading.

Heckler & Koch XM25 (The Expendables 3)

A man taking a gun out of a case in The Expendables

During the first half of The Expendables 3, Barney Ross pays a visit to a fellow by the name of Mars, who demonstrates the lethal efficiency of the Heckler & Koch XM25. This is a real-life gun that was commissioned as an R&D project into a new kind of grenade launcher, which is hinted at in the film.

The weapon is an air-bursting grenade launcher, though the film indicates that the rounds can be "programmed to detonate behind the target." It's a cool effect, but unfortunately, the real-life version of the weapon was wrought with production difficulties, contractual problems, and H&K's inability to complete their contract with the U.S. military.

Custom Single Action Army (The Expendables)

Barney Ross firing his revolver in The Expendables

When the chips are down, Barney Ross falls back on this classic six-shooter, and he's remarkably proficient with the weapon. He can draw it out in an instant, using the "hammer method" to take out foes, which is something that could only happen in a Stallone movie.

The Custom Single Action Army is a modified version of the traditional gun, with a .45 caliber round. It first saw production in 1873 and was used by some of the most famous gunfighters in history, from Billy the Kid, to Wild Bill Hickock, and even General George S. Patton.

CornerShot (The Expendables 3)

A mercenary in a hallway in The Expendables

Few modern weapons are as cool as the CornerShot, an accessory that does exactly as its name suggests - fires bullets around corners. It works by pivoting the firing chamber on a horizontal axis, allowing the wielder to aim the gun around a corner, and target enemies via a small camera attached to the side.

It's designed to work with conventional firearms, such as pistols, though future variants will be able to work with assault rifles as well. It was developed as a co-joint venture between the Israeli Defense Forces and a team of American investors and has seen use in SWAT and special forces operations. It is used in the middle act of The Expendables 3 during the Budapest operation, to catch Stonebanks.

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