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Luckovich gives Trump no credit for getting vaccine to marketplace

Mike Luckovich can obviously draw/write as he pleases, but, interestingly, his Dec. 22 cartoon goes just a tad beyond. He seems to have forgotten just who, through Operation Warp Speed, got the vaccine to the marketplace faster than ever done before, to the point that the incoming president was vaccinated before he took office. Oh, wait, that was President Trump.


Making guns available to everyone promotes killing

Bill Torpy’s column on rage and violence in our culture was very insightful but very sad. It seems strange that our culture loves guns so much they can’t accept the terrible consequences.

People always ask after a terrible shooting incident, “why”?

It seems to be clear to me. We love guns and make them available to everyone to shoot at our police and firefighters. As a result, teenagers and children can shoot each other. Babies in their beds get killed with a stray bullet. Angry and depressed people can shoot up schools and workplaces.

Frightened people keep them for security but kill themselves or family members more often. If our law enforcement officers, who are well-trained to use firearms, make many mistakes, why would we think ordinary people can safely handle guns? Give legitimate hunters and target shooters special permits. But making handguns and military rifles available to everyone is just promoting the constant shootings and killings we are experiencing. Everyone who supports open gun laws is guilty of the horror they create.


Conventional power plants still dependable electric source

Regarding a letter about Georgia Power’s incompetence in the AJC on Dec. 19, the writer proposes to substitute solar power for the Georgia Power nuclear plants under construction. I cannot disagree that the project has been mismanaged and that supplemental solar power is a good investment. But where will the power come from when the sun goes down? More importantly, where will the 5 kilowatts come from when you kick on your air conditioner or plug in your electric car? Will the sun shine brighter or the wind speed up? Conventional power plants must provide for varying loads and stabilize the grid.


Voting Democratic is only way to save democracy

Democrats need to vote in Georgia and other red states, even though Republicans have rigged the game in their favor. Stacey Abrams will have a difficult time winning the governorship because now conservatives have the power to throw out votes to make sure they (the Republicans) never lose another election in Georgia at the local, state and federal levels of government. Even so, vote. There is a chance (a slim one at best) that the federal courts will overturn the voting laws in red states like Georgia. Voting for Democrats is the only chance we in Georgia and other red states have to save democracy in America from the conservatives (99.9% are Republicans) who want democracy in America in name only. The conservatives want to establish a banana republic-style dictatorship in America that does the will of the mega-rich and mega-corporations, the conservatives’ masters. Same for the courts.


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