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by: Lauren Day

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is now legal for Hawaii residents over 21 years of age to purchase and carry an electric gun for self-defense.

After over three decades of combined military and civilian law enforcement experience, Raymond Craig recently started Smart Training Hawaii.

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His business offers Taser certification classes that go over everything there is to know about owning an electric gun from how to use it safely to the risks that come with it.

“I recommend getting training so that you know what the features are and the limitations, especially the limitations, and how to make it work for you,” Craig said about why his classes are so important for folks wanting to carry an electric gun.

Craig retired from the Honolulu Police Department after more than 25 years of service. He said the new electric gun law is great for anyone who wants peace of mind.

However, he said as a former police officer, he does have some concerns about the legalization of electric guns.

“The taser device is shaped like a firearm,” Craig said. “We want to prevent anybody mistaking [a taser] for [a firearm], either for a police response or for the public, if somebody walks by with one, to call it in as such.”

When asked if he’s worried about more electric guns getting in the hands of the wrong people, Craig stated, “Just like anything else, there is that potential. The thing that I really believe that can help with any of this stuff is always going to be education.”

By law, electric guns can only be used for self-defense, defense of another person or protection of property

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For questions about how to get an electric gun and get certified, click here or call: (808) 892-1007

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