Alabama: 2022 Legislative Session Convenes Today – NRA ILA


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Today, January 11th, the Alabama Legislature begins the 2022 legislative session. This year, Alabama has another chance to join the constitutional carry trend sweeping the nation. Currently, 21 states allow law-abiding adults to carry handguns for self-defense without having to go through government red tape or pay fees. House Bill 66, by Representative Shane Stringer, and Senate Bill 12, by Senator Tim Melson, will make Alabama the next constitutional carry state.

Once again, the sheriffs are expected to fight against the interests of law-abiding citizens. Just last month, they expressed their opposition to constitutional carry. They wish to continue selling your rights back to you in order to fund their departments with the revenue. By doing so, they are squeezing money from gun owners, rather than asking for appropriations from their county governments, in order to fund something that is meant to serve the whole public.

Please click here to contact your state representative and ask them to SUPPORT HB 66.

Please click here to contact your state senator and ask them to SUPPORT SB 12. 

Please click here to contact your sheriff and tell them that you SUPPORT constitutional carry.

NRA-ILA will fight to pass constitutional carry in 2022 to ensure that all law-abiding adults in Alabama have immediate access to their inherent right to self-defense. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.

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