Anti-Masker Mom Who Threatened to Bring Loaded Gun to School Is Charged – The Daily Beast


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The Virginia mom who threatened to bring loaded guns to school if he kids had to mask up has been charged with making an oral threat on school property. As The Daily Beast first reported, Amelia King, 42, issued the deranged threat during a Page County School Board meeting Thursday as the board discussed whether to enforce Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order, which bans mask mandates at school. “My child, my children will not come to school on Monday with a mask on. Alright? That’s not happening,” she fumed. “And I will bring every single gun loaded and ready.” King later apologized to both the school board and local police, but they wouldn’t have it. “Not only comments such as these go against everything we wish to model for our students, they go against the very nature of how as a community should interact with each other,” superintendent Antonia Fox said. She was released on a $5,000 bond Friday.

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