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Regarding last week's headline "Lower concealed-carry age?": I draw upon 60 years handling firearms — with 23 years combined military duty in the Marines and as an Army soldier, in both wartime and peace. And, in my opinion, GOP state Rep. Shae Sortwell's assertion that young people of ages 18, 19 and 20 having the "right to vote or go to war" should then also be okay to qualify for "the right to carry a concealed weapon" — I strongly disagree!

Of course gun rights groups, including the NRA, will support this plan — they have sizable support from firearms manufacturers and they all would like to increase gun sales and their PROFITS!

Ask any law enforcement officer if they now want to have another younger, more impressionable group of people ARMED in their cars, or in a high speed chase or just a routine traffic stop — any of these scenarios which could potentially turn deadly quickly — I'm betting most officers say they would NOT approve.

There is another solution: If you are so interested in learning how to handle a firearm, volunteer to join the armed forces and get all the training you can handle.

And for good measure, let's get our lawmakers to ensure that ALL gun purchases have background checks, and then guarantee that NO weapons, concealed or otherwise, are ever permitted on our school grounds or higher education campuses. That would be a much better use of our legislators' time.

Robert Livingston, Twin Lakes

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