Colorado: Committee Hearing Scheduled for Extreme Gun Free Zone Legislation – NRA ILA


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Tomorrow, the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, and Military Affairs is scheduled to consider “The Vote Without Fear Act,” House Bill 22-1086.  Please contact committee members and respectfully ask them to OPPOSE this unnecessary measure.

House Bill 22-1086 “The Vote Without Fear Act” - The title itself is enough to know that sponsors and supporters of this measure hate your Second Amendment rights.  HB 1086 looks to ban the open carry of a firearm at voting locations in the Centennial state.  It is the intention of this measure to prohibit you from exercising one of your constitutional rights while engaging in another.  The irony would be funny if it wasn’t a serious and deeply-held belief by anti-gun legislators that the Second Amendment is a lesser right.

Law-abiding gun owners have the right to self-defense and are provided with options that fit their needs.  Those who choose to open carry should not be prevented from casting a vote.

Again, please contact members of the Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs and ask them to OPPOSE House Bill 22-1086.

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