Alaska: Senate Unanimously Passes NRA-Backed Emergency Powers Legislation – NRA ILA


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Today, the Senate unanimously voted to pass NRA-backed Emergency Powers Legislation, Senate Bill 136.  The measure will now be referred to the House Community and Regional Affairs Committee for further consideration.  Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 136.

Senate Bill 136, sponsored by Senator Myers, and co-sponsored by seven other pro-2A legislators, provides protections for gun stores, ranges, or any other entity that engages in the lawful selling or servicing of firearms, components, or accessories.  This measure prevents the prohibition, regulation, or seizure of citizens’ Second Amendment rights during a declared State of Emergency.  Senator Hughes and Senator Wilson, both co-sponsors of the bill, rose in support of SB 136 on the Floor, expressing their strong support of the measure and Alaskans’ rights to keep and bear arms. 

SB 136’s companion bill, House Bill 179, is sponsored by Minority Leader Representative Tilton, and is currently awaiting consideration in the same committee. 

Again, please contact members of the House Community and Regional Affairs Committee and ask them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 136, and urge a hearing on this important piece of Second Amendment protection legislation.

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