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I was stuck in traffic on Tilden Street near Connecticut Avenue NW on April 22 at 3: 23 p.m. when I heard the gunfire, three rounds of three shots each in short succession. A semiautomatic nearby.

With traffic in front of me and behind, I was locked in, unable to move. I thought about ducking for cover, but then how would I drive? I was in a state of shock and couldn’t think of how to get out. Traffic eventually cleared, and I got home, hugged my husband and tried to shake off the incident.

But moving on proved difficult. As the story unfolded, I realized how close I was to danger, and I began to slide into a state of panic. I was rattled, but I was good — grateful that I was unharmed, but unnerved. I wished I had reacted more swiftly and with a plan for keeping myself safe. Truthfully, I was just lucky.

Ownership and use of military-style assault weapons have no purpose in our communities. Until we ban high-capacity magazines and weaponry that allow for rapid-fire shooting, we all need to prepare ourselves to respond to the unthinkable. Gun violence is coming. So get ready.

Lori A. Woehrle, Washington

After frantically waiting outside Edmund Burke School on the afternoon of April 22, not knowing the fate of my grandson in an active-shooter event, I’m angrier than ever about the inaction on gun violence of our craven Congress. Specifically, we desperately need a nationwide ban on assault rifles. These high-capacity firearms have no purpose other than killing as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Nothing can justify having them in the hands of private citizens.

Nonetheless, each of us is forced to endure having these weapons of war in our communities, and we cannot walk the streets without fear of a disturbed person raining bullets on our heads. And what do we hear from the “gun rights advocates” and their paid shills in Congress? Such weaponry is needed to prevent tyranny. Nonsense! Anyone who bothers to read the Constitution will find that taking up arms against the government is treason and Congress has the power to suppress insurrections.

So how many more students need to be killed or terrorized by assault rifles before Congress will act?

Robert D. Croog, Chevy Chase

On April 22, a shooting near the Edmund Burke School left four people shot, one of whom was a student at the school and only 12 years old. I texted my friend who goes there to make sure that he was safe and to let him know that he was not alone in this experience. Because unfortunately, he’s far from being alone.

Kids in the United States have to practice lockdown drills in case there is a shooter while they are at school. Every single kid I know, from kindergartners to seniors in high school, has had many lockdown drills. This year alone, four people have died and 18 people have been injured as a result of 27 school shootings, according to Everytown for Gun Safety.

This isn’t normal. The United States is the only country that has this amount of school shootings. We need laws that enhance gun safety so children don’t have to go to school with the fear that they might not get to go home again.

Nora Gannon, Silver Spring

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