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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Congressman Morelle was among 170 members of Congress introducing two bills related to gun reform.

The two measures are known as the Assault Weapons Ban and the Bipartisan Background Checks Act — and Congressman Morelle said that both measures are the most common sense actions to take when it comes to gun reform.

The Assault Weapons Ban looks to ban the sale, import, and manufacturing of semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity ammunition-feeding devices. However, those who use rifles for hunting and sport, as well as members of the military and police who use assault weapons, would be protected.

The other bill, known as the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, would require all locations that sell guns to do a background check on customers buying a gun.

Congressman Morelle says that many of the deadliest mass shootings — including the mass shooting that took place at a Tops store in Buffalo — involved guns that would’ve been banned by this legislation. He also explained that gun violence not only affects victims of shootings.

“Gun violence leaves an indelible mark on each individual and community it impacts,” Morelle said. “We must support survivors and work to end gun violence so no one else has to endure

what they went through.”

Critics of gun reform laws said that, although mass shootings and the losses of life that occur are a tragedy, it is a problem of violent people with guns instead of a gun problem. Some gun control advocates also proposed a solution to allow people to conceal carry guns.

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